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Hokkaido Koji

Hokkaido Koji

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SAORI Hokkaido Koji

What is Koji?

Koji has been used as a natural seasoning in Japan for more than 2000 years. It has traditionally been used in miso paste, soy sauce, mirin and sake. SAORI Hokkaido Koji enables you to make shio koji (salted koji) at home. You can use it to tenderize meat or as an alternative to salt. This incredibly unique natural seasoning will improve the flavour of any dish.

I use "Shio Koji" EVERY DAY in my cooking, and up until now I could only get my hands on small quantities for personal use.
Many types of koji don't ferment properly and/or have a low-grade taste. It has taken me several years to find a maker who meets my own high standards and can send the koji to Australia. Yumiko Abe, from Hokkaido Japan, is a koji expert with many years of experience and comes highly recommended. As a result, everyone can now enjoy very high-quality Hokkaido Koji here in Australia.

"Shio Koji" makes the food you cook taste so much more vibrant

▶ Tenderizing meat - add 1 tbsp "Shio Koji" into your marinade and the meat will become super tender

"Shio Koji" also:
▶ brings out the umami flavour; and
▶ adds a delicate sweetness to foods

As an alternative to salt, "Shio Koji" is suitable for all meals...not just Japanese meals.

Taste the difference.

Feel the difference.

Health benefits of "Shio Koji" include:

▶ Contains every kind of essential amino acids that your body can't make
▶ High in fibre
▶ Contains 8 kinds of vitamins
▶ Improves your skin condition
▶ Anti-aging
▶ Natural probiotic
▶ Lowers cholesterol

How to make Shio Koji

100g SAORI Hokkaido Koji
35g natural salt (do not use table salt)
130ml water

1: Thoroughly mix Hokkaido Koji and natural salt together

2: Place the mixture in a clear container

3: Add water (just enough to cover)

(water will decrease after the first 24 hours so top up on day 2)
4: leave koji at room temperature and mix once a day for 3-14 days (it takes longer to ferment in colder temperatures)
5: When the colour changes to a creamy white and the rice texture become softer, it is ready to use!

▶ Keep the finished product in the fridge (it will last for approx. 4 months)
▶ Don't use pink salt the first time as it is difficult to see the colour change
▶ Warmer temperatures = faster fermentation, so I keep mine in front of the heater in winter

SAORI Hokkaido Koji
Ingredients: Dehydrated Koji (Hokkaido rice, aspergillus oryzae)
Vegan friendly


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