SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce.Made in Australia.

SPECIAL BUY 20 for $240

SPECIAL BUY 20 for $240

Our Selling Price: AU$240.00

Weight: 10000g


Item Description

Choose ANY 20 of our beautiful Japanese sauces for $240 + postage

Due to the corona pandemic, we will have NO INCOME from our usual big events (they have all been cancelled over the next few months). Even some of the farmers markets are closed.
Without YOUR help,we won't be able to continue to run our business...and if that happens, you won't be able to buy SAORI SAUCE any longer!

Please help us.

How to order...
1: add to cart
2: when you put your address, put the 20 products you want to purchase (product name & quantity)

This deal includes...
ANY of our sauces
100% Natural Japanese Dashi Broth
*Curry is sold out and will be back mid Sep

Thank you for supporting small business.


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