SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce is sold at Markets around Melbourne.You can check markets date on this page.

【May 2018】
◎Sat 5th May (8am-1pm)-Red Hill Craft market
◎Sun 6th May (9pm-2pm)-Yarra Glen Craft market
◎Sun 6th May (10pm-4pm)-Frankston Japanese Festival @Frankston High School - Senior Campus
◎Sat 12th May (10am-6pm)-Big Vegan market @Royal Exhibition Center
◎Sun 12th May (10pm-6pm)-Big Vegan Market@Royal Exhibition Center
◎Sat 19th Ma7 (8:30am-1pm)-Warragul Farmers Market
◎Sun 20th May (10pm-5pm)-Japan Festival @Box Hill Town Hall, 1022 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill
◎Sun 27th May (8am-1pm)-Mulgrave Farmers Market
【April 2018】
◎Sat 21st April (8:30am-1pm)-Warragul Farmers Market
◎Sun 22nd April (8am-1pm)-Mulgrave Farmers Market
【Mar 2018】
◎Sat 3rd Mar (8am-1pm)-Red Hill Craft market
◎Sun 4th Mar (9pm-2pm)-Yarra Glen Craft market
◎Sat 10th Mar (10am-2pm)-Port Sea Craft Market
◎Sun 11th Mar (8am-1pm)-Whitehourse Farmers Market
◎Sat 17th Mar (8:30am-1pm)-Warragul Farmers Market
◎Sat 17th Mar (10am-5pm)-Herb & Chilli Festival
◎Sun 18th Mar (8am-1pm)- Seaford Farmers market
◎Sun 18th Mar (10am-5pm)-Herb & Chilli Festival
◎Sat 24th Mar (12pm-5pm)- Upwey Grassroots Market - NEW location (Upwey High School 1451 Burwood Hwy, Upwey VIC 3158)
◎Sun 25th Mar (8am-1pm)-Mulgrave Farmers Market
◎Fri 30th Mar (8am-1pm)-Churchill Island farmers market - Good Friday
◎Sat 31st Mar (5am-9pm)-Cowes Night Market

【Feb 2018】
◎Sat 3rd Feb (8am-1pm)-Red Hill Craft market
◎Sun 4th Feb (9pm-2pm)-Yarra Glen Craft market
◎Sat 10th Feb (8am-1pm)-Beaumaris Farmers Market
◎Sat 10th Feb (10am-3pm)-Heide Makers' Market
◎Sun 11th Feb (8am-1pm)-Whitehourse Farmers Market
◎Sun 11th Feb (8am-1pm)-Mulgrave Farmers Market
◎Sat 17th Feb (8:30am-1pm)-Warragul Farmers Market
◎Sat 17th Feb (5am-9pm)-Cowes Night Market
◎Sun 18th Feb (8am-1pm)- Seaford Farmers market
◎Sun 18th Feb (9am-3pm)- Emerald Commumity market
◎Sun 25th Feb (11:30am – 5:30 pm)- Japanese summer festival @Federation Square

【Jan 2018】
◎Sat 6th Jan (8am-2pm)-Red Hill Craft market
◎Sat 6th Jan (8am-1pm)-Churchill Island farmers market
◎Sat 13th Jan (9:30-5pm)-Portarlington Mussel Festival
◎Sat 20th Jan (8:30am-1pm)-Warragul Farmers Market
◎Sat 20th Jan (10am-3pm)-The Bayside Vegan Makers Market
◎Sun 21st Jan (9pm-2pm)- Port Sea Craft Market
◎Sat 27th Jan (8am-1pm)-Churchill Island farmers market
◎Sat 27th Jan (5-9pm)- Cowes Night Market
◎Sun 28th Jan (9pm-4pm)-Kilkunda Lobster Festival
【Dec 2017】
◎Sat 2nd Dec (8am-1pm)-Red Hill Craft market
◎Sun 3rd Dec (9pm-2pm)-Yarra Glen Craft market
◎Sun 3rd Dec (9pm-2pm)-Gisbourne olde time market
◎Sat 9th Dec (10am-4pm)-Handmade Canberra
◎Sat 10th Dec (10am-4pm)-Handmade Canberra
◎Sat 16th Dec (8:30am-1pm)-Warragul Farmers Market
◎Sun 17th Dec (8am-1pm)- Seaford Farmers market
◎Sun 17th Dec (9am-3pm)- Emerald Commumity market
【Nov 2017】
◎Sat 4th Nov (8am-1pm)-Red Hill Craft market
◎Sun 5th Nov (9pm-2pm)-Yarra Glen Craft market
◎Sat 11th Nov (8am-1pm)-Beaumaris Farmers Market
◎Sun 12th Nov (10am-7pm)-World Vegan Day at Melbourne Showgrouns
◎Sat 18th Nov (8:30am-1pm)-Warragul Farmers Market
◎Sat 18th Nov (10am-3pm)-Upwey Grassroots Market
◎Sun 19th Nov (8am-1pm)- Seaford Farmers market
◎Sun 26th Nov (9am-2pm)- Point Nepean Portsea Market
【Oct 2017】
◎Sat 7thd Oct (8am-1pm)-Red Hill Craft market
◎Sun 8th Oct (8am-1pm)-Whitehorse farmers market
◎Sun 15th (8am-1pm)- Seaford Farmers market
◎Sat 21st Oct (8:30am-1pm)-Warragul Farmers Market
◎Sun 22nd Oct(8am-1pm)- Mulgrave Farmers Market
【Sep 2017】
◎Sat 2nd Sep (8am-1pm)-Red Hill Craft market
◎Sun 3rd Sep (9pm-2pm)-Yarra Glen Craft market
◎Sun 10th Sep (8am-1pm)-Whitehorse farmers market
◎Sat 16th Sep (8:30am-1pm)-Warragul Farmers Market
◎Sun 17th Sep (8am-1pm)- Seaford Farmers market
◎Sun 17th Sep (9am-3pm)- Emerald community market
◎Sat 23rd Sep (10am-7pm) - Royal Melbourne Show @winning tastes pavilion
◎Sat 24th Sep (10am-7pm) - Royal Melbourne Show @winning tastes pavilion
◎Sat 25th Sep (10am-7pm) - Royal Melbourne Show @winning tastes pavilion
◎Sat 26rd Sep (10am-7pm) - Royal Melbourne Show @winning tastes pavilion
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【Aug 2017】
◎Sun 13th Aug (8am-1pm)-Whitehorse farmers market
◎Sat 19st Aug (8:30am-1pm)-Warragul Farmers Market
◎Sun 20th Aug (8am-1pm)- Seaford Farmers market
◎Sun 20th Aug (9am-3pm)- Emerald community market
◎Sun 27th Aug (12pm-6pm)- Mulgrave Farmers Market

Note:We will be closed from June 19th to July 25th for our winter holidays

【June 2017】
◎Sat 4th June (9pm-2pm)-Yarra Glen Craft market
◎Sat 10th June (10am-4pm)-Handmade Canberra
◎Sat 11th June (10am-4pm)-Handmade Canberra
◎Sat 17th June (8:30am-1pm)-Warragul Farmers Market
◎Sat 17th June (10:00am-3pm)-Grassroots Market Upwey
◎Sun 18th June (9am-3pm)- Emerald Community Market
◎Sun 18th June (8am-1pm)- Seaford Farmer's Market
【May 2017】
◎Sat 6th May (8am-1pm)-Red Hill Craft market
◎Sun 7th May (9pm-2pm)-Yarra Glen Craft market
◎Sun 14th May (8am-1pm)-Whitehorse farmers market
◎Sat 20th May (8:30am-1pm)-Warragul Farmers Market
◎Sun 21st May (10am-5pm)-Japan Festival at Box Hill Tafe
◎Sun 28th May (8am-1pm)- Mulgrave Farmers Market
【April 2017】
◎Sat 1st April (8am-1pm)-Red Hill Craft market
◎Sun 9th April (8am-1pm)-Whitehorse farmers market
◎Fri 14th April (10am-9pm)-Melbourne Easter Show at Cranbourne
◎Sat 15th April (10am-9pm)-Melbourne Easter Show at Cranbourne
◎Sun 16th April (10am-9pm)-Melbourne Easter Show at Cranbourne
◎Mon 17th April (10am-9pm)-Melbourne Easter Show at Cranbourne
◎Sun 23rd April (8am-1pm)- Mulgrave Farmers Market
【Mar 2017】
◎Sat 4th Mar (8am-1pm)-Red Hill Craft market
◎Sun 5th Mar (9pm-2pm)-Yarra Glen Craft market
◎Sat 11th Mar (9:30am-2:30pm)-Grassroots Market in Upwey
◎Sun 12th Mar (8am-1pm)-Whitehorse farmers market
◎Sat 18st Mar (10am-5pm)-Herb & Chilli Festival
◎Sun 19th Mar (10am-5pm)- Herb & Chilli Festival
◎Sat 25th Mar (12pm-)- Multicultural Festival at Fed Square
◎Sun 26th Mar (8am-1pm)- Mulgrave Farmers Market
【Feb 2017】
◎Sat 4th Feb (8am-1pm)-Red Hill Craft market
◎Sun 5th Feb (9pm-2pm)-Yarra Glen Craft market
◎Sun 12th Feb (8am-1pm)-Whitehorse farmers market
◎Sat 18st Feb (8:30am-1pm)-Warragul Farmers Market
◎Sun 19th Feb (8am-1pm)- Seaford Farmers market
◎Sun 19th Feb (9am-3pm)- Emerald community market
◎Sun 26th Feb (12pm-6pm)- Japanese Summer Festival at Fed Square
【Jan 2017】
◎Sat 7nd Jan (8am-1pm)-Red Hill Craft market
◎Sat 7nd Jan (8am-1pm)-Churchill Island farmers market
◎Sat 7nd Jan (5am-9pm)-Cowes Night Market
◎Sun 8th Jan (8am-1pm)-Whitehorse farmers market
◎Fri 13th Jan (3am-8pm)-Red Hill Twilight Market
◎Sat 14th Jan (9:30am-5pm)-Mussel Festival in Portarlington
◎Sun 15th Jan (8am-1pm)- Seaford Farmers market
◎Sat 21st Jan (8am-1pm)-Churchill Island farmers market
◎Sat 21st Jan (5am-9pm)-Cowes Night Market
◎Sat 21st Jan (8:30am-1pm)-Warragul Farmers Market
◎Sun 22nd Jan (9am-2pm)- Point Nepean caft market
◎Sun 22nd Jan (8am-1pm)- Mulgrave Farmers Market
◎Sat 28th Jan (8am-1pm)-Churchill Island farmers market
◎Sun 29th Jan (9am-4pm)-Kilcunda Lobster Festival
【Dec 2016】
◎Fri 2nd Dec (5pm-10pm) - Coburg Night Market
◎Sat 3rd Dec (8am-1pm)-Red Hill Craft market
◎Sat 3rd Dec (2am-7pm)-Grassroots market Upwey
◎Sat 4th Dec (9pm-2pm)-Yarra Glen Craft market
◎Sat 10th Dec (10am-4pm)-Handmade Canberra
◎Sat 11th Dec (10am-4pm)-Handmade Canberra
◎Sat 10th Dec (3am-8pm)- Yarra Glen Twilight market
◎Sun 11th Dec (8am-1pm)-Whitehorse farmers market
◎Fri 16th Dec (5pm-10pm) - Coburg Night Market
◎Sat 17th Dec (8:30am-1pm)-Warragul Farmers Market
◎Sat 17th Dec (8am-1pm)-Warrandyte Christmas Market
◎Sun 18th Dec (9am-2pm)- Yering Station farmers market
◎Sun 18th Dec (8am-1pm)- Seaford Farmer's Market