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Kitsune Udon Noodle Soup Recipe (hot udon noodles in soup with soybean curd topping) - vegan friendly

Ingredients (serves 4)
for topping...
boiling water (just enough to rinse aburaage)
3 aburaage (soybean curd)-cut in half
1 tbsp SAORI Tsuyu (seaweed & soya) Sauce
2 tbsp brown sugar

for soup...
1 satchel SAORI 100% Natural Japanese Dashi Broth
1L cold water
4 tbsp Japanese soy sauce
3 tbsp mirin
2 tsp brown sugar
1 tsp sea salt

udon noodles
100g dried noodles x 4
or 200g cooked noodles x 4

1 spring onion - finely chopped
SAORI Yuzu Spice (*optional)

1:to make the topping, pour boiling water over aburaage to remove oil then gently squeeze out 80-90% of the water (use a spoon or chopsticks)
2:combine SAORI Tsuyu Sauce and brown sugar and add to aburaage
3:set aside
4:to make the soup, put SAORI 100% NaturalJapanese Dashi Broth in 1 litre cold water then bring to boil
5:add soy sauce, mirin, brown sugar and sea salt
6:cook udon noodles then drain
7:place noodles in a serving bowl then add some soup and topping
8:garnish with spring onions and SAORI Yuzu Spice

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