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Ponzu flavoured Pork Cucumber Rolls (Butamaki Ponzu ae)

Ponzu has a fresh citrus flavour. It goes well with pork. This is a popular dish at IZAKAYA (Japanese Style Pub Restaurants) in Japan. You can also use carrots or beans instead of cucmbers.

Ingredients - makes 10 rolls
*1 small cucumber
*100 g thin sliced pork loin
*2 tbs corn flour
*1 tbs white wine
*2 tbs Citrus Soya (Ponzu) Dressing

1: cut 10 cucmber sticks (approx 6cm long) and wrap them in the sliced pork
2: coat pork rolls with corn flour
3: pan fry them untill outside is cooked
4: pour white wine into frying pan, cover and steam fry them for 1 min
5: flavour them with Citrus Soya (Ponzu) Dressing and cook them untill the juce is thickens up
6: enjoy your homemade Japanese meal

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