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【My little secret】
SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce mail magazine Vol 3
Hello everyone, this is SAORI from SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce.

Yeay! My blog “SAORI’s Japanese Food in Australia” is now listed on
Australia’s Best Food Blogs web page!

I wrote about why I started making Japanese sauces in Australia last month
I will tell you the real reason why I became the super health conscious person I am today.
A lot of people say to me “ You are lucky to be born thin, Saori!”
but.. actually, I used to be very chubby!

Featured topics from my blog

【What I do when I make sauces】
So many people ask me, “Do YOU make all your sauces?”
The answer is YES. My husband and I make all our sauces.
This is our story about behind the scenes.

【They will be 100% recycled】
I love my job! Not only I contribute to a healthier Australia,
I can now eat vegetables with my 100% homemade soil beause of...

Healthy can be Delicious!
Saori's special Japanese fun recipes

【Amazing dumpling recipes vol-1】
Do you like dumplings? I DO ! My son DOES ! My husband DOES! We all DO!
As a result, I have a lot of dumpling recipes to share.

【Most popular Japanese food top 5 - with recipes】
In 2015, JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) did some interesting research in 6 countries
and their major cities to find out what was the most popular Japanese food outside Japan.
Can you guess what the top 5 is? You can make them all at your house to enjoy anytime your like.

【Sashimi party recipes】
OMG!!!! We got given ” A WHOLE TUNA” last month!
So...we had a sashimi party! Impress your friends with this (easy) delicious Japanese style party.

Winter is coming so let’s eat MORE Japanese food and stay healthy this winter
SAORI’s all recipes are here
SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce
Based in Melbourne, all the sauces are 100% natural and homemade in Australia.


My new blog , Japanese Food Diary in Australia. Healthy can be delicious!

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