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【BEST Dumplings ever! and more gluten free Japanese recipes 】
SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce mail magazine Vol. 5
Hello everyone, this is Saori from SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce.
It is so wintery here in Melbourne - everyday of the week is cold. Are you all staying healthy?

My family and I were having some digestion/stomach problems for a few weeks.
I think we maybe just caught a mild winter cold. So…we tried a Gluten Free diet for the first time to help our digestion etc.
(we were NOT to try losing weight though!)
So we have been eating & creating Gluten Free Japanese Meals. And...well – we all feel pretty good now.

I found out a very interesting fact. According to the latest report from the “ministry of health, labour and welfare Japan”,
Japanese fermented soy sauce does not contain gluten.
Japanese fermented soy sauce contains wheat initially but the gluten is removed by the fermenting process.
The “food allergy Japan manual 2014” says it is OK for people with an allergy to gluten to have Japanese fermented soy sauce.
* (the report is in Japanese)

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We will be back in business Aug 1st.

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【Gluten Free Japanese Recipes】

1: Pancake Gyoza Dumpling Recipe – the best dumplings ever!!
OMG!… they were amazingly easy to make and tasted THE BEST!!!
If you can make sandwiches, you can make these.

2: Two fantastic Japanese dinner recipes with sugar free Ponzu
Ponzu is my favourite sauce so I have a lot of recipes using this sauce.
Today, I will share two fantastic recipes. “Tuna Tataki” and “Chicken Tatsuta”

other recipes are here

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