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Zoom tempura cooking class Wed 25th Nov 6pm-7:30pm (vegan option,gluten free option)

Zoom tempura cooking class Wed 25th Nov 6pm-7:30pm (vegan option,gluten free option)

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Zoom tempura cooking class Wed 25th Nov 2020 6pm-7:30pm
Do you want to learn healthy and delicious Japanese cooking from home?

This class is to make perfectly crunchy and extremely flavourful tempura with a special daikon radish sauce served on rice and two healthy side dishes to go with it. You have to fry them and your kitchen might get a bit messy...but it will be SO worth the effort! I will demonstrate with all vegan ingredients but you can use prawns or chicken as your preference to make tempura.

Tempura don (Japanese sweet potato, exotic mushrooms,kale tempura on rice with a drizzle of daikon radish sauce)

Spiced miso avocado on chilled tofu: our son doesn't like avocado but he LOVES this one. A great healthy snack!!

Moyashi Japanese namul: in Japan we call this an "infinety vegetable dish" - it tastes so good that you can't stop eating it. No wonder Japanese people are slim!

This group cooking class will be held on Wed 25th Nov 2020
Duration: 6pm-7:30pm

$79.99/family (one device)
*Payments are non-refundable
*The Covid Virus is unpredictable and our rules and regulations are constantly being changed. Therefore, you can transfer your class (one time only) if you give us a minimum of 10 days notice.

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-cooking tool list
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OR Gluten free

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