SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce.Made in Australia.

SAORI Yuzu Kelp Miso Sauce

SAORI Yuzu Kelp Miso Sauce

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Item Description

SAORI Yuzu Kelp Miso Sauce
In the past, lots of people have asked me if I have a miso sauce or a yuzu sauce. So, I decided to combine the 2 requests together to make a totally new sauce. The result...this beautiful flavour is created and now available to everyone. It is a little bit more pricey than my other sauces because the ingredients are quite expensive and the cooking process is slow.

100% Natural, sugar free, gluten free,vegan friendly

Serving suggestions
Pan fried tofu - pan fry firm tofu in olive oil then drizzle on SAORI Yuzu Kelp Miso Sauce

On boiled daikon radish

Serve on salmon or other fish

Chilled meat salad

Ingredients: Japanese miso paste (soybeans, rice, salt), mirin (fermented rice), orange juice, gluten free tamari soy sauce, freeze dried yuzu powder, lemon juice, corn flour, organic Tasmanian bull kelp
Contains Soy
Refrigerate after opening.
Net 250ml


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