SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce.Made in Australia.

SAORI Traditional Mirin

SAORI Traditional Mirin

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SAORI Traditional Mirin - naturally fermented and aged

Mirin, one of the most important essential ingredients in Japanese cuisine, is used in almost all everyday Japanese dishes.
You normally find "mirin seasoning" in a supermarkets. They are totally different to traditional mirin as "mirin seasonings" main ingredients are glucose syrup and/or fructose syrup. Traditional mirin is made from rice, always fermented and aged, which adds natural umami flavours to your meal. Only traditional mirin can neutralise strong fishy smells. Also, use it to give your food a beautiful, glossy and shiny look.

Use only traditional mirin in your cooking to create traditional and authentic Japanese dishes

Net 250ml
Japanese mirin - packed in Australia

water, rice, malt, sweet rice
*contains approx 10% alcohol


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