SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce.Made in Australia.

All the sauces are homemade in Australia.

3 Oakdale Road, Upwey, Vic, Australia, 3158
Phone: 0411 225 874 03 8288 1853

ABN 21 651 580 703


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Saori Sauce


SAORI's Japanese Food Diary in Australia

【SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce business timeline】
Dec 2012: first established
started SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce range

Aug 2013: Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards 2013
gold medal- SAORI Tsuyu Sauce
silver medal- SAORI Apple & Soya Japanese BBQ Sauce
bronze medal-SAORI Ponzu Sauce
bronze medal- SAORI GOMA Sauce

July 2014: Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards 2014
silver medal- SAORI Okonomiyaki Sauce
silver medal- SAORI Tsuyu Sauce
bronze medal- SAORI Ponzu Sauce
bronze medal- SAORi GOMA Sauce

Aug 2014: Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards 2014
bronze medal- SAORI Wasabi & Chilli Teriyaki Sauce

Nov 2014: started new product range "NINJA Seasoning"

Nov 2015: started new product "SAORI 100% Natural Japanese Curry Mix"

Sep 2016: started new product "SAORI YUZU SPICE"

Sep 2016: started new product "SAORI Premium Japanese Dashi Stock"

I will post you our beautiful sauces...but don't expect to get them in beautiful boxes. We only use recycled boxes and bubble wrap when posting our goods to you. Love food Love nature.