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【Winter holiday information & Japanese hot pot recipes】
SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce mail magazine Vol. 4
Hello everyone, this is Saori from SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce.

【Winter holiday information】
We are having a winter holiday.
Winter holiday time - 24th June to 31st July

Online shop :
online shop will be closed during the holiday time.
Last order will be 22nd June. Re-opening for orders 1st Aug.
You can still check recipes online.

Market information before holiday...

During our holiday time you can still buy our products from these shops...

Or at Mulgrave Farmers Market co-up stall every Sunday (8am-1pm)

My "Fun Japanese Style BBQ Recipes" are now on the biggest Japanese online grocer shop in Melbourne - " Ichiba Junction".
Small businesses like ours being featured on their website is quite exciting news for me!
You can buy just about all your essential Japanese groceries on their website.
Order online and then pick them up or have them delivered.

Featured topics from my blog

【Wanna eat more vegies? Try ichiju-sansai】
Most people know YOU need to eat more vegetables but HOW is the problem.
Try this traditional Japanese method called "ichiju-sansai"

Healthy can be Delicious!
Saori's special Japanese recipes

【Two awesome Japanese hot pot recipes】
It is getting colder and colder everyday…your fantastic hot pot season has arrived! I will share with you two great Japanese hot pot recipes.
When I was in Japan, I used live in Hokkaido (way up in the freezing north of Japan), so we used
to have NABE (clay pot) parties all the time in winter (like Aussies have BBQ’s in summer).
NABE parties are a fun (& yummy) way to warm up.

【Ready in 5 –super easy vegie recipes】
According to “Food that do good”, 96% of Australians don’t eat enough vegetables.
Here are some super easy Japanese style vegetable recipes for you! All ready in 5 minutes and they are YUMMY!

Winter is coming so let’s eat MORE Japanese food and stay healthy this winter
All of SAORI’s recipes are here...
SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce
Based in Melbourne, all the sauces are 100% natural and homemade in Australia.


My new blog , Japanese Food Diary in Australia. Healthy can be delicious!

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