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SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce mail magazine Vol. 6
Hello everyone, this is Saori from SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce.
I’ve come back from holidays. We had fantastic time in Japan!

I thought I cook very healthy food and our family eats very well here in Australia
BUT I realised I could do much better! Going back to Japan was a real eye opener for me.

I forgot how well people eat everyday AND every meal at home in Japan.

I talked about healthy eating habits in Japan (ie. “Ichiju-San Sai Method”) the other day.
We stayed at different friend’s houses most of the time with this trip and
OMG breakfast was at least “Ichiju-San Sai” and dinner was 5 to 10 dishes!!

Japanese people eat SO many vegetables...even for breakfast.
So since I’ve returned, I’ve been eating Japanese style breakfasts.
I’ve changed from eating only toast etc to having two kinds of vegie dishes (mainly leftovers from night before)
with toast , rice or potato. It does’nt have to be Japanese flavoured dishes.

This trip was a really good influence on me. I realised I can eat BETTER!
You can check out more about our Japan trip from here↓↓

1: Unique Tokyo food experience -go street food! Vol 1 – Joyful Minowa
Because of our son’s (who is 9 years old and LOVES food) repeated requests, we decided to go to several street food places in Tokyo.
So, on our very first day we went to Joyful Minowa. It is very local market place and EVERYTHING is amazingly cheap!!!

2: SAORI SAUCE in Japan
When I visited Japan last time, I really missed my SAORI SAUCE!
Plus lots of my friends in Japan wanted to use my I packed HEAPS into my suitcase this time.

1: NEW Product “SAORI YUZU SPICE(homemade yuzu shio kosyo)” is now avairable

Yeay! I finally made a product with Japanese yuzu!! I LOVE yuzu citrus. I know that now that I have it...I will have it on just about ANYTHING!
Yuzu is a unique citrus fruit grown mainly in Japan and Korea. They have an unusual flavor that is both acidic and tart.
Yuzu are kind of like a lemon, but much more fruity and floral in taste. They are quite pricy because a yuzu tree takes 10-18 years
before they start to properly produce fruit. Each fruit only produces a little juice. Oh and only need a small pinch of SAORI YUZU SPICE to flavour a dish.

2: Market information updates
we will be back at the markets from this weekend
Our market information is
【Healthy tasty Japanese Recipes】
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