SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce.Made in Australia.
【Finally 100% natural Japanese dashi stock is available in Australia! 】
SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce mail magazine Vol. 7
Hello everyone, this is Saori from SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce.
I am very excited about our new product “SAORI Prermium Japanese Dashi Stock”.

The reason I made is this↓↓ (shiitake mushrooms health benefits)

Traditional Japanese food is amazingly heatlhy. Japanese authentic dashi is kind of like natural vitamin & mineral tables.
And because you are taking it from real food, you don’t have to worry about over consuming.
Unfortunately, many restaurants in Japan now use instant dashi stock which is chock full of artifical flavours.
So, if you are having miso soup for health reasons, then...please, please don’t use instant dashi stock.

1: NEW Product “SAORI Prermium Japanese Dashi Stock”is now available

So many people have asked me if I have natural Japanese dashi stock. Well now, YES I DO!
Dashi is a Japanese stock and it is an essential ingredient in many Japanese dishes. Normaly traditional dashi is made from kombu (dried kelp) & bonito flakes.
Instead, I made it from Kelp & Shiitake mushroom so vegetarians or vegans can enjoy it as well.(and of course it is still incredibly delicious!)
SAORI Premium Japanese Dashi make 100% natural Japanese stock. Use like a tea bag whenever stock is needed! It is a fantastic source of vitamins & minerals.
So why don't you switch to SAORI Dashi Stock and get all that goodness into your body..,as well as enjoying totally delicious meals.

2: Market information updates for September to December
I updated my spring to summer market information. Also, we will be coming back to Canberra this weekend!

Our market information is

3: Featured topics from my blog
Is SAORI Japanese Sauce becoming famous???
Wow! SAORI SAUCE is featured in SO MANY websites now!!! Check them out…some pages have VIDEO RECIPES☆☆

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