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【Three new recipes for crazy Melbourne spring weather】
SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce mail magazine Vol. 8
Hello everyone, this is Saori from SAORI Premium Japanese Sauce.
The weather has been SO Melbourne. After we had a week of beautiful weather...
it is now back to winter!!
Here are some new recipes for this crazy spring weather.

【Recipes to keep you healthy in spring】
1: How to make Vietnamese noodles without any fake flavours in 15 minutes
Normally I use beef or chicken stock to make this soup, but this time I used my new product, “SAORI 100% Natural Japanese Dashi stock“, to make it more nutritious and completely naturally flavoured.

2: Spinach Egg Japanese Rice Porridge (zosui) Recipe
This menu is super easy to digest (and of course it is yum!) and makes your body lovely and warm. I always eat it when my stomach feels a bit strange or even when I have a hangover!!

3: Ponzu & pepper marinated beef and capsicum stir- fry recipe
Actually…I went out for lunch with my husband and we had a similar dish to this one. No offense to the lovely restaurant BUT mine was MUCH MUCH better.
You must try this!

1: NEW Product “Caramelised Balsamic & Soya Japanese Sauce ”is available from this weekend! ↓↓
Mmm... the black and silver foil embossed stickers for this sauce didn’t arrive in time for the Melbourne Show so I am using self-printed stickers for this weekend.
They will be available online when the stickers arrive from the printing company. My husband has been enjoying my new sauce.

2: NEW Product “ SAORI Premium Japanese Organic Matcha” is now online.
Matcha is Japanese green tea powder. Matcha is one of the reasons why Japanese people have one of the longest average life spans in the world!
Green tea is re-known as a very healthy tea , but a lot of the goodness in the tea is actually oil based. So when you make green tea the regular way
(ie. with leaves) you can’t get all the nutrition from the tea leaves. My matcha is 100% stone grinded organic tea leaves (so you drink everything) and thus don’t miss out on any of the oil based nutrition benefits in the leaves.

3: Market information
Our market information is
【Featured topic from my blog】

How to store my tall bottle sauces in your fridge safely
Noooooo! My sauce crashed down from the fridge!…and it is smashed!!
Have you experienced this? I have. So here is the tip for you☆☆


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