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Easter Egg Rice Balls recipe

Easter egg rice balls recipe

Easter is coming! Are you worried about eating too much chocolate? Maybe you don't have a sweet tooth? How about Easter -Egg Rice Balls for a change? They are a great healthy snack for children, (and adults) too.Make lots of them to share with your family and friends and have a healthy Easter party this year.

*2-3 cups sushi or short grain rice
*2-3 tbs SAORI rice seasonings
*Nori (seaweed) sheets

1: cook sushi or short grain rice and then mix with SAORI rice seasoning in a bowl
2: wrap 50g rice mixture in cling wrap and make them into egg shapes
3: cut nori into strips and wrap around the centre of the rice eggs

When I make them, children always gobble up the curry flavoured ones first.They are a REALLY popular dish at my parties.