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Agedashi Tofu and stewed eggplants recipe

Agedashi Tofu and Stewed Eggplant Recipe

This was my delicious dinner tonight. I have an Agedashi tofu recipe in my recipe booklet but I have not put it on my web page until now...
Stewed eggplants are a fantastic dish to go with Agedashi Tofu.They are both great vegetarian dishes!

【Stewed Eggplants】( Nasu no nibitashi)

* 5-6 small eggplants - cut in half longwise
* olive oil for frying eggplants
* 50 ml SAORI Seaweed & Soya Japanese Sauce
* dash of brown sugar
* grated ginger and/or daikon (Japanese radish) for garnish

1:fry eggplants in olive oil on a medium heat
2:cook both sides until golden brown
3:take out eggplants from oil(drain oil) and put into another frying pan. Pour SAORI Seaweed & Soya Japanese Sauce with a dash of brown sugar and 50ml water
4: simmer for 5 minutes
5: garnish with ginger and/or daikon

They are great hot or cold so you can make a lot of them and keep the leftovers in the fridge.

【Agedashi Tofu】

* 1 container firm tofu
* 100g corn flour
* olive oil to fry tofu
* 50ml SAORI Seaweed and Soya Japanese Sauce
* spring onion, grated ginger and/or daikon (Japanese radish) for garnish

1:Cut tofu into 3-5cm cubes.
2:Roll cubes in corn flour and deep fry until golden brown
(if you prefer to shallow fry just keep turning tofu till all sides are golden brown)
3:Top with grated ginger and/or daikon
4:Pour SAORI Seaweed & Soya Japanese Sauce over dish.
5:Garnish with finely chopped spring onion.

PS:My son helped with the cutting and the rolling of the tofu in corn flour. He is a really good helper!