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Chicken Prawn Gyoza Recipe

Have you seen these before? I put a Sesame and Soya Dressing Pork Gyoza Recipe on my facebook a couple of months ago. This is a Chicken and Prawn Gyoza Recipe using Citrus & Soya Dressing. They have a light and fresh because of the citrus flavour. It's best to make a lot at once so you can freeze the leftovers. It's good to stock up your freezer with some pre-cooked meals for these rainy winter days.

*300g minced chicken
*200g prawn meat - cut into small pieces
*2 spring onions - finely chopped
*50 Gyoza sheets
*2tbs SAORI Citrus Soya Dressing
*1tbs corn flour

1: mix all the ingredients in a large bowl until it goes sticky
2: put 1tsp of mixture into one gyoza sheet, wet the edge of the sheets and fold in half. Press edges firmly together...and make a few frills
3: cook one side in a frying pan with 1tbs olive oil until golden brown
4: turn them over and pour in half a cup of water and cover them with a lid
5:when all the water evaporates, the gyoza is ready to eat
6:enjoy your homemade Japanese meal at homeļ¼